The CPS Difference


Safety is our number one priority and it likely is yours too. Prefabrication correlates to more work being performed in a controlled facility than on the job site, where accidents happen all too often.  Scaffold issues, inexperienced lift operators, and crews working in unsafe proximities, all while exposed to shifting weather patterns, create inherent dangers.  Our manufacturing plant has the health and longevity of our employees in mind, with less heavy lifting and tables at an ergonomic height with minimal distractions and frequent safety checks.  Partnering with Capital Panel Systems reduces your exposure and keeps workers safe.


Slips in the schedule translates to lost money. Prefabrication can guarantee components are ready on time, and with proper planning, that they arrive when you need them.  Coordination for installation will also result in a smooth attachment of the panels, ensuring that not only your building gets closed in faster but it releases the interior trades to begin ahead of the typical schedule constraints.  Additionally, there is no need to wait for more manpower to arrive when there is a well-documented shortage because our systems are installed with a lean crew of less than ten mechanics.  Faster construction leads to a faster opening which equals a faster return on investment.

Higher Quality

Capital Panel Systems pays the utmost attention to detail because we are manufacturing repeatable elements using a predictable method, not constructing. We also do not have the typical distractions that are found on the slab or around the building.  The panel systems themselves have been rigorously lab and road tested to ensure performance and compliance.  Projects are thoughtfully engineered and laid out for optimization and with the minute details in mind.  The studs and tracks are rolled by our SFIA-certified machines in our facility to the highest industry standards.  The panels come together while undergoing numerous quality checks to avoid rework.  Lastly installation is mapped ahead of time and panels attachments are carefully checked once in place.


Change orders and the lack of available materials hamper every construction project. Our contribution to your project is that through careful collaboration with our clients, engineers, and fabricators what we will provide is exactly what our client needs.  Material is procured upfront and potential issues spotted and addressed through the planning phase, resulting in a building envelope that will not require change orders or face extended lead times.  Proformas and schedules are not busted because the realities of the jobsite or the marketplace cost the client money unforeseen expenditures.