How It Works

Early Engagement

Early involvement with a project is necessary for a smooth, well-executed, planned approach to prefab. It begins with a feasibility study to see how prefabrication can provide the most benefit to a project.  Once that is complete, budgeting can begin using panel modeling.  It is never too early to reach out, preferably in the schematic design or design development phase.

Engineering and Shop Drawings

Once a project has been deemed a good fit and a budget is established, layouts can be generated through the creation of panel breaks and proper orienting to maximize efficiency and speed. Deeper attention is paid to panel details and attachment methods to the structure.

Panel Manufacturing

Once shop drawings and engineering are approved, panel fabrication tickets can be created. The manufacturing process begins with rolling studs and track in house, and continues with the framing assembly, sheathing, weather barrier, insulation, and finishes.  Panels are then labeled for tracking, wrapped, and stored in anticipation of shipment to the job site.  All phases of the manufacturing are done with a methodical quality assurance check system in our cool, clean, safe, organized manufacturing facility away from the elements.


Panels arrive to the project in accordance with the flow plan agreed upon ahead of time. Panels are carefully hoisted and flown to the structure and attached in accordance with the engineered shop drawings.  Once in place, panels are then rigorously checked and tuned in place.  Lastly, caulking at panel edges ensures a weather-tight exterior assembly that releases the interior trades to begin their scopes.